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【We Are One Party #25】@ sound & dining B.P.M

Dream chasers
English-- Sandra

We Are One party has been a place where both foreigners and Japanese can meet new friends and enhance cultural exchange. But We Are One team is not satisfied at this current state. We wish to bring unique characters to each party and meanings to our guests. To grow with our members is what we aim to achieve.

At our 25th party, we were very honored to have two Singaporean guests, Val and Tay, to share their five-year community project with us. They are two girls who travel around the world on bicycles, to collect drawings and messages to spread the belief that dreams can come true. After the sharing session showing videos and their beliefs, many of our guests were touched and inspired. We shared our dreams and on paper for them to bring along on their journey, hoping to inspire more people to achieve what they truely want in life.

The sharing session was followed by music presented by a band called "Strangers in a Strange Land". It's a musical group comprised of foreigners who pursue their dreams in music in a strange land, Japan. They sang in both Japanese and English, from their melodies and voice one can hear their passions for life and music.

After all, we are all one of a kind, chasers of our own dreams. "Don't be put off by hardship, be lead by your dreams."

Thanks everyone who showed up at our 25th party, and we hope to see you all again soon!

We Are Oneはこれまで、日本人も外国人もどんな人でも気軽に楽しめるパーティー、たくさんの友達が作れる場として、数々のパーティーを主催してきました。しかし、まだまだ私たちが目指すものにはたどり着けていないと、We Are One Teamは感じています。参加してくれたどの人も、何か感じてそしてお互い高め合える場作り、それが私たちの目標です。

25日のパーティーでは、なんとシンガポールから来た素敵なゲストを迎えることができました。ValとTayという名前の二人の女性。彼女達は5年間の大きなプロジェクトを、We Are Oneパーティーの参加者にシェアしてくれることに。彼女達のプロジェクトというのは、世界中を自転車で旅し、それぞれの地から、‘夢は叶う’という希望を込めたメッセージや絵を集めてまわるというもの。彼女達のビデオセッションが終わると、参加者は渡された真っ白いカードに、それぞれ信じる‘希望’のメッセージを書きお互いの思いをシェアしました。

全員がシェアをする中、ある一人のミュージシャンが音楽を演奏してくれました。'Strangers in a Strange Land'と呼ばれるバンドメンバーの一人、彼の情熱的で優しい声と心地いいメロディーは、バー内の雰囲気に花を添えてくれることに。

全てのセッションが無事終わり、今回もパーティーに参加してくださったみなさんに感謝いっぱいです。We Are One Teamから‘ありがとう’の一言を。

【We Are One Party #25】

Date: July 11th, Sun

Time: 7pm-11pm
Entrance: 2200yen w/ 2 drinks (1700yen w/ a coupon)

Whether you are new to Kyoto or a long time residence,

join us at regular International Party to meet some new people.

At B.P.M, a bar located at the heart of Kyoto City,

with its unique characters,
we can share a wonderful evening with people from all walks of lives.



Send us an email for a coupon.

We are happy to have a band 異邦の客 joining us at this party and give a preview to the live performance at the next We Are One events.

2 Singaporeans traveling around the world on bicycles for the past 5 years are also joining us at BPM this Sunday. They want to bring a message to the world that DREAMS can come True!! They would be in Kyoto from 9th-14th July to collect drawing and messages from people on the streets to compile into a video for the children of Japan. They will also be sharing their world travelling experience with all of us. Come and see what interesting stories they would tell.

See you this Sunday evening,

We Are One Team

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