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大文字五山送り火 --- Five Mountains Fire Bon Festival

Photo taken by Sandra

大文字五山送り火 --- Five Mountains Fire Bon Festival

English written by Sandra Fang
Japanese by Manami Kimura

Obon is a festival for Japanese to welcome their ancestors' soul on the 13th of August. Welcoming fires light up the path from the grave sites back to their houses. Sending off fires are set three days later on the 16th to illuminate the path for the ancestors back to where they came from. Gozan Okuribi is the ceremony which the five mountains are light up with huge fire symbols. Including 大(Daimonji, meaning "big"), 妙, 法 (Buddhist law), the left daimonji, the funagata (ship) and torii (shrine gate). At 8 o'clock the biggest character 大 started to light up and brighten up the sky above, conjuring spirits and energy. It's one of those times that no matter how scattered the family members are, they would go back to gather and honor their ancestors.

At a special night like this, We Are One team gathered together to celebrate the festival and had an amazingly delicious French dinner at Paris Bis.

-五山の送り火- Paris Bis の屋上にて


今年はWe Are Oneのプライベートイベントとして、いつもお世話になっているParis Bisの屋上を借り、20時の点火を皮切りに、送り火を楽しみました。屋上からはまず「大」の文字が見え、「舟形」そしてもう一つの屋上からは「鳥居」を見ることができました。


送り火を楽しんだ後は、Paris Bisシェフからの特別ディナーメニュー。自家製パン、ワイン、キッシュのサラダ、ローストビーフのポテトのピュレ添え、そしてシナモンアイスの締めくくりと、素晴しいディナーを全員に提供してくださり大満足。We Are OneのTeamそして他数人の友人とがまた一段と仲を深めることができした。

Photo taken by Sandra

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