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Japanese Sign Language 日本手話

English & Japanese Text by Carrie Chan

We usually use body language to get to communicate with people who don't share a common speaking language, but how well can you do it? Sign languages, which are mostly based on gestures showing the corresponding actions or subjects, may help in improving your skills in expressing yourself apart from being just a language used to communicate with deaf people.


During the workshop, Japanese sign language on simple words, numbers, colours and hiragana were taught. Every participants can now communicate with each other in Japanese Sign Language, we can use hiragana to express what we wanna say even we do not know the exact sign language for that specific word.


There is a simple quiz game which helped participants to memorize the sign language. Participants were also divided into pairs to practice with each other. The two hours passed so fast where we were all busying with twisting our fingers and elbow as we were practicing the sign language.


As a workshop at beginner level, it was a very successful one on teaching participants some useful basic sign languages, and it also aroused participants' interest about the language. Thank you Danny for the patience!


Have you ever seen Sign Language and thought it looked cool but assumed that it
may be too difficult to learn? Ever wonder what Deaf people are talking about?
Or wonder how they talk, only with their hands?
DeafJapan presents "Basic Japanese Sign Language 101"
We are going to show you how easy it is to learn Japanese Sign Language (JSL).
- How to introduce yourself
- JSL fingerspelling, Numbers, Colors, "5 w's" and "How"
- How to say what you like and dislike
Communicate visually, effectively and quickly with Japanese Sign Language.
- Will improve your understanding of Japanese Culture and Kanji
- Meet new people who can use sign language
- Have conversations silently and secretly
- Communicate across a room or street without yelling
- Communicate at a noisy club or bar easily
- Communicate through glass or while snorkeling/scuba diving
- Once you've learned one Sign Language, it is easy to learn another countries
Sign Language.

Fee: ¥1000 (includes one free drink)
Date: April 24, 2011
Time: 14:00 - 16:00
Place: Zen Cafe 418 Nayacho, Shichijo-agaru, Dotemachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku,
Kyoto city, Japan 600-8142

DeafJapan has been teaching Sign Language in the Kansai area for 6 years.
We look forward to signing with you.


難しいのでは... と思っているあなた。
デフジャパンはワークショップ "基本の日本手話 101" を開催致します
日本手話 (JSL) を勉強するのは、想像していたよりも案外簡単だということがおわか

- 自己紹介
- 指文字、数字、色
- 疑問詞 (いつ、どこ、誰、何、どちら、どのように)
- 自分の好き嫌い

- 日本文化と漢字の理解力を高めるための手助けになる。
- 手話を使う人たちと仲良くなれる。
- 内緒話ができる。
- 相手が部屋や道の向こう側にいても、大声を出すことなく会話ができる。
- 騒がしいクラブやバーにいても、簡単にコミュニケーションができる。
- ガラスの向こう側にいる時や、シュノーケリング、スキューバダイビングをしている
- 一度手話を覚えれば、その他の国の手話も簡単に覚えられる。

参加費用: 1,000円でドリンク1杯付き
日付: 2011年4月24日 (日)
時間: 14時~16時
場所: Zen Cafe 〒600-8142京都市下京区土手町通七条上る納屋町418
ご質問は deafjapan@deafjapan.com までメールをお送りください。


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