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We Are One #41 Japanese & English Resume Writing Workshops by Yumi Kitahama

Yumi Kitahama, Senior Career Consultant at iWillPartners

Being in the head hunting business for many years both in Singapore and Japan, Yumi conducted an English and Japanese resume workshop for a group of ten partipants who are either entering the working society after their graduation or are preparing themselves for the next challenge in their career lives. 

The session began with a self introduction to the people sitting next to you, while also sharing the objectives and reason for attending this workshop. After which, everyone would have a clear orientation of their directions and goals. 

Out of all participants, 90% are non-Japanese. It is certainly a wise move for foreigners to well-equipped themselves with adequate job hunting skills to compete in this tight labour market in Japan. 

Although having been a academic in an university environment all this while after obtaining her PhD, Silva would also like to consider stepping out to the corporate world for more challenges.

Although resume writing How-Tos can be found easily on the Internet, Yumi ensured that she covered that basics, adding in tips and advices from her years of experience helping candidates obtaining the key to their career paths.

Hard facts are certainly important in writing an outstanding resume, however the state of mind of the job seekers are equally or even more important. As a certified NLP practitioner, Yumi also touched on how the Law of Attraction could come in handy in achieving your goals in job hunting. 

Yumi Kitahama, Head Hunter, NLP Practitioner, We Are One Public Relations

This resume writing workshop is for both Japanese and foreign fresh graduates who wish to apply for positions in Japan as well as overseas. This workshop will teach you how to write a resume that stands out from thousands of others, that gives you a much higher chance in getting an interview with your dream company that you have applied to. It covers both Japanese and English resumes writing to help people who wish to work not only in Japan but also globally. Even MNCs in Japan today require English resumes on top of Japanese ones, so it is important to understand the various features and functions in the two kinds of resumes and engineer them intelligently for the success of your career.

 Yumi Kitahama has been actively working as a career consultant and recruitment for the past 5 years in Singapore and Japan, assisting hundreds of fresh graduates, job seekers and career transfers by matching them to both foreign and Japanese companies, ranging from local SMEs (small medium enterprises) to globalized MNCs (Multinational Corporations).
Having a complete knowledge of the latest recruitment trends and requirements in various industries both local and overseas, Yumi also provides professional career counseling to the candidates by giving them personal guidance in writing an impactful resume, effective interview skills, making a positive lasting impression, identifying different business cultures etc. The result is a 500% increase in being successfully granted an interview or obtaining an employment from the numerous companies that are on their wish lists.

Besides being a career consultant, Yumi is also a qualified NLP (Nero Linguistic Program) practitioner under the American Nero Linguistic Program Association. Her mission is to bring out the limitless potential in each individual to excel in their career, achieve their goals and lead a fulfilling life. Her current project is to help young people and children to equip themselves with the mind and soul for the challenges of the 21st century.

Date & Time:
Feb 5thSat 14:00~17:00
Venue name:
Zen Cafe
Venue website:
Venue address & tel:
600-8142 京都市下京区土手町通七条上る納屋町418
TEL 075-342-2444 FAX 075-342-2440
 1) JR京都駅の中央口より、烏丸通(京都タワー
 2) 次の大きな交差点の信号を渡ってから右折します。
 3) そのまま七条通を東へ5~6分位進んで頂きます。
 4) 河原町通との交差点を渡って次の通(北への一方
 5) 50m先右側にある白い6階建ての建物が当ホステルです。

3000yen, Includes 1 drink

Limited to 40 participants
Register now with you name, school and faculty to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com

We Are One #41「内定を勝ち取る履歴書の書き方」セミナー 

講師紹介:北浜 裕珠
米国NLP協会認定NLPマスタープラクティショナー。シンガポールの大手教育機関Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Groupにてコーチングの世界へ。現在は金メダリストコーチ、平本あきお氏にコーチングを師事。

2月5日 14:00~17:00
Zen Cafe
600-8142 京都市下京区土手町通七条上る納屋町418
TEL 075-342-2444 FAX 075-342-2440
 1) JR京都駅の中央口より、烏丸通(京都タワー沿い
 2) 次の大きな交差点の信号を渡ってから右折します。
 3) そのまま七条通を東へ5~6分位進んで頂きます。
 4) 河原町通との交差点を渡って次の通(北への一方
 5) 50m先右側にある白い6階建ての建物が当

3000円, 1ドリンク付き

お名前、学校名、学部を we.are.one.japan@gmail.comまでお送りください。


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