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Travelers' Night @ 旅 Café & Dining おでかけ日和, Kyoto

Japanese translation by Naomi

If you are tired of the usual traveling information found on usual guidebooks and official tourism websites, and you want to have some unusual traveling experiences despite going to some usual destinations, Travelers’ Night will bring you to some unbeaten tracks guided by people who have been there and done that.


This coming Traveler's Night, we have invited a new member from Thailand, Suthai who will be sharing something already well-known in Bangkok but remains a deep mystery to outsiders, sometimes even to Thai people: Transexuals (Plangpaet in Thai). Of course, not forgetting where you can find nice authentic Thai food and other interesting places. 

Thailand Crowns New Transexual Miss Tiffany

Suthai is a master student in Ritsumeikan University doing Media Communication. He studied in the Philippines for several years and speaks fluent English. His interests include music and video making. Su joined We Are One recently, and he will be the music & performance in-charge for the upcoming Kansai International Students Party.

Date & Time: 22nd April Friday 2011 1930~2200

Venue:  Café & Dining おでかけ日和http://www.eonet.ne.jp/~tabicafe/
京都市中京区三条油小路南東角 三条油小路町145-1

Cost: 2000yen with RSVP (includes 1 drink and snacks), 2500yen without RSVP
2000円 予約要り(1ドリンク&スナック付き)、2500円(予約無しの場合)

RSVP now to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com

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