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We Are One Yodogawa Hanabitaikai (Firework Festival)

English-- Cathy 
Japanese-- Manami

Along with thousands of other people, We Are One International Party-goers crowded onto the banks of the Yodogawa River to await night-fall and the spectacular firework display. We passed the time sharing food and drink, and meeting both old and new friends from around the world.
Special thanks to those who went early and held a space for everyone!



Photo by 拉維卡恩

Photo by Cathy Cawood

Photo by 拉維卡恩

Photo by Cathy Cawood

Photo by Cathy Cawood

Photo by Cathy Cawood

It will be a FREE picnic style event where people can hang out and get to know each other, and everybody can watch and cheer for one of the most famous Fireworks in Osaka at night. It will be held by the Yodogawa River, because of how popular this firework is, some of us will be there slightly early (at 1 p.m.) to secure some primary locations... So if you would like to join in the fun, then please feel free to come along.... The more the merrier.. And the more happy volunteers, the more space we can secure ;-) contact us!


There will be lots of booths set up in the surrounding areas, where you can get all kinds of Japanese YATAI food like, Yakisoba, Karaage, Takoyaki, Kakikoori etc., because this will be a FREE event we thought it would be a nice idea if everyone comes along with something that they can share... Whether it's some delicate handmade snacks, soft drinks, strong drinks ;-) or some food from your home country, bring a little something that you can offer would be ideal :-)


Well that's about it... So to summarize!

Date: August 7th, 2010 (Sat)/ 2010年8月7日(土)
Time:1pm-9 pm
*Organizers will pick up people at 1 pm
& 4 pm at Hankyu Juso station
Entrance: free / 無料
Location: Yodogawa / 淀川
Please indicate your attendance by sending your name to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com with the title Yodogawa.

Since the river area is quite big, if you can't find us, please contact one of us (Carrie, Sadao, Manami) . If you don't know any of us, send us a message on facebook or Gmail, and we'll give you our contact information.

淀川周辺は広くて、人込みで大変混雑する場合があります。場所がわからなければ主催者の誰か(Carrie, Sadao, Manami)に連絡してください。

It can be postponed to August 8th if it rains.

To bring list.
- yourself (lol.... You'll be suprised how some people forget this important item)
- a camera to capture the bright and colourful fireworks!
- some interesting food and snacks to share with people around you
- some alcohol
- a little something to sit on
- some suntan lotion and a fan (because I know I'll forget)


Ok... I believe that is about it... but If you guys have any questions or any suggestions for the party then please send them our way! You can find us all on the facebook group 'We Are One', or just send us a quick email to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com)

質問があればいつでも受付ますんで、facebookのWe Are Oneのグループから我々を探して連絡してくださいね!もしくはwe.are.one.japan@gmail.comにメールください♪

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