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Tour de Kyoto, Cycling Event (Fushimi-inari Shrine) #61

Photos by Lin, Sadao & Rene

Have you heard of the famous cycling competition Tour de France? Now we can have Tour de Kyoto where we can explore the wonders and mysteries in this Japanese ancient city, while burning some calories from all the parties. 

'Tour de France'というフランスの有名なサイクリング競技を聞いたことがありますか?そんな有名なサイクリングがあるように、私たちもこの京都にある古来からの不思議で美しい場所を一緒に冒険しましょう。

So far, We Are One had organize several cycling events such as Autumn Photography & Cycling Tour and Sakura + Cycling + Photography Tour where we had lots of fun and new discoveries about Kyoto. 
So come join us and enjoy the season outdoor on 2 wheels.

これまでWe Are Oneは、Autumn Photography & Cycling Tour や Sakura + Cycling + Photography Tourのような京都を堪能できる場所へのサイクリングイベントを主催してきました。

Date & Time: 5th June 2011 Sunday, 1400~1700
Participation fee: FREE
Route: Zen Cafe -> Fushimiinari Shrine
Meeting point: Zen Cafe (we will leave at 1400 sharp)

 (besides Backpackers Hostel K's House Kyoto)

418 Nayacho, Shichijo-agaru, Dotemachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto city, Japan 600-8142

*In case of rainy day, the event will be postponed. An announcement will be made on this post 3 hours in advance in case the event is postponed.

日時:2011/6/5 (日) 14:00~17:00
参加費: 無料
ルート: Zen Cafe > 伏見稲荷
集合場所 : Zen Cafe (この場所を14:00ちょうどに出発します) バックパッカーズホテルK's House Kyotoの横にあります。
〒600-8142 京都市下京区土手町通七条上る納屋町418


Renting a bicycle
We can rent a bicycle for you from Kyoto Yuruchari Club from 1000yen per day. Please indicate the type of bicycles you wish to rent in your RSVP, reservation is limited to availability. (City Cycle, Special Class, Premier Class)

RSVP with participants' names, types and number of bicycles for reservation to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com

Do I need a good bicycle?
You only will need a bicycle that works well, such as the tires are pumped up, brakes that can stop your bike, and the chain will not fall off easily. Mamacharin, foldable bicycles are welcome too. We can also rent a bicycle for you from a rental shop near by. Please indicate your choice of bicycle in your registration and come 1 hour in advance to rent the bicycle. 

どんなタイプの自転車も大歓迎!ブレーキがちゃんときいて、チェーンが簡単に外れないもの、パンクのしてないタイヤ、であれば何だってOK! ままチャリでの参加もできます!自転車がない方は近くのお店からレンタルもできます。とにかく、予約の際にどんな自転車で来るのか、レンタルしたいのかどうかをお知らせください!自転車レンタルの際は、集合場所に1時間前くらいには来てくださるようお願い致します!
For Sportive cycling, you need a bicycle that can keep up at 30km/h. 
How fast do we go?
Leisure: 15~20km/h, Sportive: 20~30km/k
For Leisure tours, speed is secondary. We will match the speed to the group. When there are too many riders, we will separate into smaller groups with a group leader in each. We will slow down or wait for each other. But we also need to keep the pace so we can reach our destinations on schedule. in any case, no one will be left behind. 
For Sportive, we will keep the speed under 30km/h. As we go faster, we can cover longer distances and increase our fitness level. 

レジャー: 15~20km/h 競技: 20~30km/k
What do I need to bring?
  • Your bicycle (or rent one)
  • Safety gears such as helmet and gloves (encouraged)
  • Water (or you can buy some)
  • A camera


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