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We Are One International Make-up Workshop: The Golden Balance by Konishi Sachiyo

English -- Sandra

The golden balance is one of the rules that defines beautiful and symmetrical objects. Do you know that this rule also applies to the face?

Led by beautician Sachiyo the participants of We Are One Make-up workshop worked together to re-examine their facial features and to discover the golden balance of the face. With better understanding of their own facial features, women can use cosmetics to bring out their hidden attractiveness.

During the workshop, beautician Sachiyo applied make-up for participants. With her experience and artistic sense of beauty, she brought out the confidence of women by cosmetic colors.

After the workshop, participants stayed around and mingled with others. Not only we saw beautiful women from different countries. Their unique personalities and thoughts are what truly make them charismatic. In the subject of beauty there is no absolute perfection. To appreciate and embrace our own uniqueness is an important topic. Participants left the workshop with answers to the golden balance of the face. We Are One wish that with wisdom and confidence all the women can continue to discover their golden balance in life.

Special thanks to our beautician Konishi Sachiyo for a great lecture!

We sincerely thank all the participants who attended our workshop, and your feedback was very helpful and encouraging for us to move forward. We hope to see you again soon!






My interest for make-up has always been very high, even though I rarely use make-up. But after the workshop and the knowledge about the balance of the face, the interest for my own face has increased. 
Konishi was relaxed and very natural as a presenter. The level of the voice and the language spoken was easy to understand and easy to follow. 


“The Golden Balance”, accompanied with resolving facial complexes will the theme for our first session of the Make-up Workshop Series, presented by We Are One International.

Whether it is photography or flower arrangement, anything that is beautiful will have something called the Golden Balance and hence it is also applicable to the human face. At this workshop, by following the lecture and demonstration by beautician Sachi, we will find out our very own Golden Balance in order to reveal our utmost beauty. By discovering our own facial characteristics, we will be able to bring out our unique personality through the use of cosmetics. Please bring along make-up materials that you normally use and let’s explore and search for our very own Golden Balance together.

Date & Time: November 28th, Sun 15:00~17:30
Cost: 1500yen including 1 drink
Maximum no. of participant: 15
Things to bring:
Writing materials, cosmetic (eye liner, shadow, mascara, blusher, mirror, ruler,etc)
Zen Café (besides Backpackers Hostel K's House Kyoto)

418 Nayacho, Shichijo-agaru, Dotemachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku,
Kyoto city, Japan 600-8142
TEL +(81)-75-342-2444 FAX +(81)-75-342-2440
It is about 10 mins walk from JR Kyoto Station

Presentation will be in Japanese and English

Please send an email titled “Golden Balance” and your name to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com to reserve your place. This workshop is limited to the first 15 registered participants.

About the make-up artist, Sachiyo Konishi

Koni started as a make-up artist in March 1998. Within the first year, she had her hair dressing debut. In Feb 2000, Koni began her career as the salon director in a well know, up-scale hair salon and was always ranked at the top in terms of number of special requests or reservations from customers.

Between 2003 and 2006, Koni challenged herself in numerous hairdressing contests and photography contests, many of her works were published on various magazines.
After acquiring relevant knowledge by herself from 2007 to 2008, she obtained several certifications as a hair advisor and nutrition advisor. Since March 2010, Koni has been actively working as an independent freelance hairdresser and make-up artist.


Date & Time: November 28th, Sun 15:00~17:30
Price: 1500yen 1 ドリンク付き
参加者: 15人
Things to bring: 筆記用具、化粧品(アイライン・シャドウ・マスカラ・チークビューラーetc)、鏡、定規
場所: Zen Café (next to K’s House)
          バックパッカーズホテル ケイズハウス京都
          〒600-8142 京都市下京区土手町通七条上る納屋町418
          TEL: 075-342-2444



Access: JR京都駅からの道筋
1) JR京都駅の中央口より、烏丸通(京都タワー沿いの道)を北へお進み頂きます。
2) 次の大きな交差点の信号をわたってから右折します。
3) そのまま七条通を東へ5〜6分くらい進んでいただきます。
4) 河原町通との交差点を(北への一方通行を左折します。
5) 50m先右側にある白い6階建ての建物がケイズハウスです。(その隣のカフェがZen Caféです。)


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