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Japanese Cultural Workshop #2: Japanese Paper Doll Workshop!

Photos by Sadao




Japanese Cultural Workshop #2: Japanese Paper Doll Workshop!

Do you know what is Japanese Paper Doll?
First of all, unlike western paper which is made from wood pulp, Japanese paper is a strong, durable paper that are often used in gifts. Sometimes, Japanese partners and pictures are printed on these papers, while those we use for folding paper are also Japanese papers. So, Japanese Paper Doll is a doll made from Japanese papers, in the shape of a Geisha wearing Kimono. It is a long lasting doll in a beautiful Kinomo.


In this workshop, we are very honored to have invited an instructor with many years of making Japanese Paper Dolls, and she will be guiding everyone on the steps in making a perfect one.
For this first workshop, this old lady will be teaching us how to make a simple mini Japanese Paper Doll that are relatively easy even for beginners. Besides Japanese paper, we can also add on small accessories for decoration.


We have chosen Machiya-cafe, a Japanese style Guesthouse near Kyoto Station. Here, we can indulge ourselves in a traditional Japanese atmosphere while enjoy making Japanese Paper Dolls.


場所:: 旅 Café & Dining おでかけ日和http://www.eonet.ne.jp/~tabicafe/
京都市中京区三条油小路南東角 三条油小路町145-1

We will be making the follwoing doll this time. There is a versions for guys too!!

Date & Time: 26th June 2011 Sunday, 14:30~17:00
Venue: 旅 Café & Dining おでかけ日和http://www.eonet.ne.jp/~ta
京都市中京区三条油小路南東角 三条油小路町145-1
(入口は、三条通り側の階段です。) TEL:075-255-3399 
Cost: 2000yen with RSVP (includes 1 drink and material cost)
Please bring: scissors
*Only avaialble for the first 15 participants. Sign up now.
RSVP now to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com

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