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Join We Are One Organizing Team

Thank you for your interest in being a We Are One Event Organizer!
We run various We Are One events in a month such as international parties, Dinner parties, outdoor activities etc, bringing some of the most active international people together for friendship, networking, information exchange and simply to have fun in Kyoto and Kansai area.
If you are interested in joining us, contact us at we.are.one.japan@gmail.com

Positions Needed

  1. Overall planning, preparing and execution of events
  2. Coordinate and work with marketing, designers and writers for the events 
  3. Oversee the smooth running of the events from the start to the end. 
  4. Must have endless amount of energy, never-say-die spirit and determination in doing the impossibles. You are the captain, remember?

Marketing Officers
     1.        Advertising and publicity for We Are One events
     2.        Media relation
     3.        Working with designers to produce marketing material
                        4.     Must have good computer and internet skills, good interpersonal skills and 
                                business minded.

1.     Design for the following
      *Marketing materials such as posters and flyers
      *Layout and display of the website and blog
      *Layout and graphics for online newsletter
2. You can be a professional designer, design student, or just a hobbyist. You will be working with the organizer and marketing people for creating publicity material for our events. We respect and acknowledge your designs and we also hope you can keep to tight deadlines too. 

      1.        Work with marketing and designers on marketing materials
      2.        To give a write-up of the event for the blog and website.
      3.        Write-ups for news letters
      4.        Must have good writing skills in Japanese or English or both. You are writing history for We Are One. Charm our members with your fanciful words.

1.        Take photos and videos during the events to capture precious moments.
2.        Upload them on our facebook group and blog.
3.        Work with marketing and designers on marketing materials 
       You will be presenting our events to the world through the lenses. 

Web Master
Web presence is one of the most important thing for any organization, business and even individual today and a good web master is the only key to achieve that. You will need to have

  1. Web building knowledge and IT skills such as programming in various computing languages.
  2. Up-to-date knowledge about web design trend, internet tools and function.
  3. Knowledge in web conversion, SEO, online marketing, search engine mechanism, internet marketing.
  4. Knowledge in website design, designing tools such as Photoshop and you will be working with the designers, photographers and writers as a team to present We Are One on others' monitor screens. 
Organizer Benefits

1. Get to Know Japan and its People

If you are new to this country, either being an international student, a job posting or somehow ended up here, joining as an organizer will allow you to meet a lot more people, get to run around in the city and help you figure out this new place in the shortest time. One of the founders, Tong from Singapore found some of his best friends in Japan while working on We Are One just 3 months 


he first arrived in Japan.
2. Expand Your Career Opportunities.

Getting a job the smart way in present days is no longer flipping the classifies, sending our your CVs randomly nor going to the job agencies and end up sitting in many of those 説明会among hundreds and thousands of others. It is not only what you know but who you know that lead you to your next perfect job.
Organizers have the opportunity to network with We Are One members, officers of local community groups, corporate sponsors and more.

3. Have Some Fun.
It has often been said that the people who benefit the most from We Are One events are our very own event organizers because of the bonds that are formed amongst them - a network of outstanding individuals and professionals who themselves have vested interests in the Japanese culture and East Asia.

4. Establish Your Brand.
At the end of the day, it's not about whom you know, but who knows you. As the face of We Are One, you will enjoy exposure on both the local and international level. It's not surprising for our organizers to be approached with job offers and business opportunities on a regular basis.

5. Develop Your Professional Skills.
Build your resume by gaining valuable work experience that is directly applicable to your career - or that you may not otherwise have the chance to try in your current capacity. By being involved with We Are One, you will have many opportunities to develop your leadership, event planning, budget management, marketing & promotions, and public speaking skills, just to name a few!

6. Help Your Peers.
Help your peers in the international circuit to accomplish their personal and career goals by providing a regular platform for them to network and exchange information.
Being involved as a community leader with We Are One is a great way to build your resume while doing something both meaningful and fun.

7. Get Discounts for Events
Organizers are often asked to help promote upcoming events held by other organizations in return for discounted passes to attend them. Of course, you will get special staff rates for all We Are One events. 

By being involved with us, doors will open for you in ways that you may never have imagined. For just a few hours of your time each month, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Who Should Apply
We invite all those who are interested in international friendship to apply and encourage a diversity of membership.
Preferably, organizers will have international experience, can speak more than one language, and can reach out to a diverse group of people.
Organizers must be conscientious, open-minded, mature professionals or motivated students.

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