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We Are One International Goukon/ Speed Dating #1

Love Without Borders
English-- Sandra
Nowadays, most professionals live very busy lives and they usually mix with the same group of friends and colleagues. Because of this reason, We Are One started to organize speed dating/goukon event to provide singles an opportunity to meet many new people in one go. Moreover, we make sure that the event is international so that our guests can find love despite their cultural and background differences.
Our first speed dating / goukon was held at McLoughlin’s Irish Bar and Restaurant. Nine pairs of singles paired up and enjoyed 9 dates in one evening. After nine rounds of short dates, organizers match the participants based on their choices. Matchmaking games followed and were hosted by Sandra and Kazuki. At the end, two pairs of winners won vouchers to a French restaurant “Paris Bis” for their second date!
Many participants later told us that they enjoyed the event, and we got valuable feedbacks from some of our participants. We also witnessed couples walked out of the venue together and they’re seeing each other now one month after the event. We sincerely thank all the participants and their feedbacks, we will continue to offer great speed dating events once every two months in the future!
Japanese-- Manami
この忙しい社会に生きる私たち。毎日せかせかとした日々を送り、ただいつも同じグループや同僚の集まりまた多忙な生活に戻る。We Are Oneはこの多忙な社会に生きる人達、特にシングルで新しい出会いを求める人々のために、合コンを計画することに!
第一回目合コンイベントはMcLoughlinアイリッシュバー/レストランで開催することに。はじめに、参加者全員どの人とも話せるようにショートデートをセッティング。その後、参加者の選択に従って輪私たちの方で9つのカップルに分け、SandraとKazukiによるマッチングゲームの開始!このゲームによって勝った2つのカップルは、'Paris Bis'フランス料理店の招待券を手にすることに。これで2回目のデートの約束も決まったも同然ですね!

LOVE WITHOUT BORDERS -- We Are One Goukon/Speed Dating

Dear members, our first exciting speed dating event is coming soon!

Time: June 26th 6:50pm - 9:30pm
Location: McLoughlin's Irish Bar and Restaurant (8th floor of Empire bld. south of Kiyamachi-Oike, Kyoto)
Prize: 2,000 yen worth vouchers to a French restaurant "Paris Bis" for the winning pair.

YES! The title is self-explanatory. Come meet interesting singles in a romantically candle-lit Irish restaurant located in Kyoto, with match-making games that come after the dinner, giving you a chance to win vouchers with your "partner" to a French restaurant!

愛に国境はない-- We Are One 合コン

We Are Oneメンバーのみなさん、我々の初合コンイベントがもうすぐ開催されます!

日時:6月26日 6:50pm - 9:30pm
場所:McLoughlin's Irish Bar and Restaurant (木屋町御池上がるエンパイアビル8階)
景品:2000円分のフランス料理レストラン「Paris Bis」の招待券

そ うです!タイトルからわかるように、京都のロマンチックに キャンドルの揺れるアイリッシュレストランまで素敵な恋人探しにお越しください。ディナーの後にはカップル作りのゲームが待っていて、勝てば「未来の恋 人」と共に行く、フランス料理レストランへの招待券がもらえます。

Who Should Participate: Singles between the age of 20 to 35.
We expect both attractive Japanese and foreigners with varied interests who want to improve their chances of meeting the right person. If you're an open minded individual who loves meeting people with different backgrounds, this is for you! Give love a chance and we guarantee you an evening of fun activities. The event will be hosted in both Japanese and English, but come prepared with a couple minutes of self-introduction in the other language. ^^
Vacancy: 20 gentlemen, 20 ladies.

日 本人も外国の方も、自分に合った出会いの場を探している魅力的な方々を募集します。偏見なく、様々な経歴の方と出会 いたいあなた!このパーティーはそんなあなたのためです!素敵な出会いのチャンスと楽しい夜は約束します。日本語と英語の両方でパーティーは進行されます が、2~3分でできる自己紹介をできれば両方の言語で用意してきてくださいね。

Event Rundown:
7:00pm - 8:00pm: All the gentlemen get seated on one side of the table opposite to the ladies. Each pair has 3 minutes to engage themselves in a short "date". After each interval, gentlemen move down one seat to their next date, until all of them have a chance to talk with everyone of the opposite gender.

8:00pm - 8:30pm: Buffet will be served. It's time for you to mingle with the singles you are interested in.

8:30pm - 9:30pm: Buffet continues. Match-making games begin. During this session, you will be matched with a partner according to your preferences. There will be prizes await for the two "couples" who win the games. Note that there will be at most 20 pairs, so you have a juicy chance of winning!

7時~8時:テーブルの片側に男性、反対側には女性が座ります。どのペアも3分ずつ交流して軽い「デート」をしてもら います。その後、男性は席をひとつ横にずれて、次のデートを楽しんでもらいます。すべての男女と話すチャンスがあり、全員と話したら終わります。

8時~8時半:バイキング形式で料理が出てきます。このときに 気になる人にアタックしてみては!?

8時半~9時半:バイキングは続けたまま、カップル作りのゲームが始まります。この間、自分の好みの方を選び、パート ナーになっていただきます。勝者2組のカップルには景品が待っています。20組しかないので、勝つ確率は十分にありますよ!!

Price: 3,000 yen for ladies
3,500 yen for gentlemen
(Including a drink during short "dates" sessions and buffet which comes after.
In order to keep a balance of both genders, an advance registration/payment is required. It's first come first served so register sooner than later to avoid disappointment!

参加費: 女性3000円 / 男性3500円(「デート」中のドリンクとバイキング料金も含まれます。男女比率を合わせなければいけないため、事前の予約とお支払いが必要となります。 定員がありますので、早いもの勝ちです!お早めのご予約をおすすめします!)

For those coming for the above event, in order to reserve a place for the first 40 participants, please send us an email with your name, age, gender and nationality to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com and we will give you the instruction for payment. You can make a payment, \ at our party on 13th June http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=186080330553&v=app_2344061033&ref=ts#!/event.php?eid=125232984165331&index=1
or transferring money to our bank account.
Registration ends on 22nd June.

こ のイベントに参加ご希望の方は、先 着40名様のみ予約受付ます。お名前、年齢、性別、国籍をご入力の上、we.are.one.japan@gmail.comまで参加の旨をお伝えくださ い。お支払い方法をお伝えいたします。お支払い方法ばチケットを我々のパーティーで(http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=186080330553&v=app_2344061033&ref=ts#!/event.php?eid=125232984165331&index=1) 購入するか、我々の銀行口座にお振込みいただくか選んでいただけます。
予約受付は6月22日までにお願 いします。

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