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International Movie Night, インターナショナル・ムービーナイト Roulette City (Macau) #59

To understand a country’s culture, we can study its language, history or make a vacation trip for some first hand experiences. Here is another option. We Are One together with Cafe Frosch, is going to help everyone to achieve similar experiences with sounds and images at our International Movie Night.
At our International Movie Night, we will be show casing films from various countries around the world. Besides commercial films, occasionally, there will also be independent short films from international film markers who are trying to convey a message, or express their less known cultures through the lenses.

Come join our International Movie Night on every first Saturday evening in a traditional Machiya café. Enjoy a film, and add a few more internationally-minded friends on your facebook at the end of the evening. Pay attention to the film and win yourself some prizes too.

Who should come?
-       If you are learning the language of the film.
-       If you are internationally-minded and wish to find your same kind.
-       If you are interested in international films or independent films.
-       If you are sick of bars and pubs on a Saturday evening and a hangover the next morning.

About the Movie 


Tak, from Mainland China, goes to Macau with his uncle Wai, hoping to win money to pay for his ill mother's operation. Together they begin to frequent Macau's underground gambling dens - and win big. But as their winnings grow, Wai becomes increasingly distracted by the temptations of the big city, including Tak’s old lover from China - Wynnie. Misled to believe that he had killed Wai in a furied brawl over Wynnie, Tak must find a way to flee Macau with Wynnie. Wynnie lures Tak into a gamble that he cannot refuse: their freedom in exchange for information known to a local policeman, Kin. To gain Kin's trust, Tak befriends Kin’s sister Armanda. Armanda's simple and honest nature catches Tak off-guard and he begins to fall for her. As Tak grows closer to Kin and Armanda, and Kin gets closer to discovering Tak's true intentions, Tak must decide where his true loyalties lie.

Roulette City is also one of the official selections for Singapore International Film Festival and Macau International Film & Video Festival in 2010.

Date & Time: 4th June 2011 Saturday, 1800~2100
Movie title: Roulette City,Macau, Cantonese, English subtitle http://roulettecity.islandmanpictures.com/
Venue: Café Frosch, Kyoto
557-7 Higashiyanagi-cho,
Itsutsuji-dori, Shichihonmatsu agaru,
Kamigyo-ku, Nishijin-Kyoto
1800 Registration & Mingling (Dinner option: try out from Cafe Frosch' menu)
1930 Introduction & Movie Starts
2100 Quiz & Prizes
2115~ More mingling

Cost: 1000yen with RSVP (1 drink & snacks included)

One coin (500 yen) dishes, like jacket potatoes and guacamole as well as dishes from Cafe Frosch regular menu will be served. 

RSVP with your name & nationality to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com

ある国の文化を理解するにはその国の言葉や歴史を勉強する、あるいはその国を旅して直に体験してみるという手段がありますが、もう一つの選択肢があります。We Are One ではインターナショナル・ムービーナイトで皆さんがサウンドと映像によって同様の体験が得られるようお手伝いをします。インターナショナル・ムービーナイトでは世界各国からのさまざまな映画を紹介していきます。商業フィルムのほかに、時には何らかのメッセージを伝えようと試みたり、レンズを通してあまり知られていない文化を表現しようとしている国際的視野を持った映画製作者による自主制作ショートフィルムになることもあります。




日時: 201164日 6:00 PM 9:00 PM
映画:Roulette City (マカオ、広東語、英語字幕)
場所: カフェ フロッシュ 京都

6:00 開場ー交流タイム(お食事 できます)
7:30 映画の紹介ー上映
9:00 賞品の当たる
9:15 ~ 
タ イム

参加費: 1,000円(ワンドリンク&スナックを含む) 


カフェ フロッシュ ー 西陣、京都 週末のブランチ ー アートイベント ー 幼児の遊戯室
カフェ フロッシュは京都北西部の伝統的な西陣地区の公園前にあります。くつろいだ町屋スタイルの雰囲気で日本料理と多国籍料理の両方をリラックスして楽しむことができる場所を提供しています。また時折、小さなコンサートや美術展なども開催しています。

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