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We Are One International is a big family of international minded individuals in Kansai area. It consists of Japanese and Gaijins from all walks of lives from students, artists, businessmen, to researchers, teachers and tourists. Every month, there are about four to six We Are One events including international parties, adventures, cultural events and sightseeing tours, attracting as many as 100 people to our events each time.

To date, we have over 700 unique guests who have been to our events and over 1000 Facebook members. Our marketing efforts are constantly done over many channels both online and offline.

Hence if you are providing a product or service targeting the international communities and would like to reach out to them, we can help you doing so through our network, marketing efforts and at our events. There are millions possibilities with We Are One International, so contact us now at we.are.one.japan@gmail.com.

We Are One International Management Team.