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I am glad to meet a lot of people in We Are One, and that experience thinks to be a very good thing for me.
I am interested in a design and want to do creative activity in Kyoto. It may be had an experience having very good that I support We Are One for me. I can make some designs, poster postcard and any other kind of design for We Are One

sadao tashiro

Mino Kosmadaki
Hi there and thank you for your interest.
Unfortunately I am not in Japan before August so I cannot comment on the latest activities.
I would however like to commend you for this most excellent initiative and will do what I can to take part in high spirit the next time I am in Kyoto. (I will work hard for it).
Keep up the good work and please do continue to bring these wonderful experiences to those around you.
Most peace and love.

Jaqueline Symalla
hi, the party we met was damn good...we really enjoyed it.Now I have a lot to do for university, so I am not able to join in events, but I want to go on june 3rd to sam and dave...so we'll see there!
Tomoyo Yamada

毎回楽しませてもらっています。国籍も様々の新しい人と出会えるので、とても良い経験になります\(^o^)/ 意外と回数が多いので毎回は行けないですが、これからも行けるときは行こうと思います
Tomoyo Yamada
Sadao Wassvik-Kobayashi

Sadao Wassvik-Kobayashi
hmm well its a nice event to meet new people, both Japanese and people from other countries.
usually there's a lot of people coming to the events so there's seldom a dull moment

Mikako Doe

Thank you for your message.
I really enjoyed the last party!!
I hope to join again :)
thanks :)
Mikako Doe

Hey Tong,
Thanks for the message.
My girlfriend and I, really like the 'we are on - international parties'. We think they're a great opportunity to meet people from all over the world and have had a great time while doing it.
We haven't gone to many of the recent parties because the venues they've been held in. We thought these bars had a high cover charge, expensive drinks and a were a little too cramped.
(unfortunately the world of English teaching isn't as lucrative as people often seem to think :( )
I really liked the hanami party and would be happy to attend another event like that, or an event in a larger bar / a bar with cheaper drinks and a lower cover.
Thanks again for the email,


Carrie Chan
Since my first time to join the party last year, I do see there were a lot of improvements made to modify the parties.
The most obvious one is that there is now more variations in We are one's events. I quite appreciate the recent events like the hanami, French dinner party, Water rafting etc.. Though I cannot say I am an active guest for all We are one's events, I think more variations in the events do allow people of different backgrounds to join these events easier. What I mean is that, when a party is value-added where people can enjoy more than just drinking with all the inernational people, then surely the events are more attractive.
Another thing I would like to mention is the number of parties held every month now. As compared to once a month in the old times, now there are like 3~4 events a month. I think this is mainly due to the increased number of organizers for We are One. Frankly speaking, there are both pros and cons for this change though. It is true that more parties give more chances for people to join as everybody have their own schedules. But as I believe quality is more important than quantity, more parties do not mean it must be better for all. So I hope you guys would maintain the quality of each party(e.g. good places, overall atmosphere, etc.) even you have more parties now.
That's all I think about We are Once now. Thanks for always organizing all the great events! I think everybody would appreciate your efforts in organizing the parties~:) 

Den Wei
We Are One, is a great event group that brings diverse people together especially foreigners that are living in Kyoto. The events are fun, and often held in 'fresh' pop places. Everybody is friendly and if you have time or feel like having fun please stop by one of their events, you will definitely have a great time!

Naomi Kataoka

職場ではパソコンに向かってひたすら地味なオフィスワーク。今日一日、誰とも会話らしい会話しなかった(^_^;)と反省する事もしばしば。このままではマズイ!ちゃんと人とつながりを大切にしなきゃと思い始めて、たまたま見つけたサークルがWe are One Internationalでした。 

このイベントサークルでいいなと思っているところは、現役バリバリの学生さんから社会人の方まで年齢層も幅広く、参加者の出身国も実に様々でインターナショナルなところ。 エンジニア、研究者、学校の先生、起業家、ビジネスマン、etc いろんなキャリアを持った方々と話ができたり、英語のブラッシュアップにもなっているのでそれも楽しいです。 

あと、ただ集まって飲んで食べて・・・というだけではなく、その時々に例えば、花火大会、ワークショップ、ライブ、社会人ネットワーキング, 映画製作のためのfund-raising, etc、 テーマ性があるというか目的意識を持って企画運営されているところにも魅力を感じています。 これからも時間が許す限り、積極的に参加して友達の輪を広げて行きたいと思っています。(~o~)

Gary Bloom
I've attended lots of different We Are One events.  Each one has had its own character, thanks to the creativity and hard work of the WAO crew.  A preview of an upcoming documentary, a rooftop party with live music, networking parties featuring inspiring talks by people who are accomplished in their fields, all were a lot of fun.  

There are always plenty of new faces, to be sure.  But there are lots of regulars, too, and it's nice to touch base with people I've seen at other events, to catch up with what's been going on with them.  It's this kind of down to earth, friendly feeling that the WAO staff is so good at cultivating.  People tend to come again and again because it's such a welcoming, warm atmosphere, and even if you come by yourself,  it's easy to make new friends.  Regardless of the the theme, there's always plenty of time to just mingle and make new connections.

One other thing I noticed right away that sets WAO apart is that after the check-in table is put away, it's hard to tell the staff from the guests!  They somehow manage to take care of all the details while partying at least as hard as everyone else.  It makes for a really fun time, like being at a friend's house party.  Such a contrast to other events where the staff seems there only to collect the money!  

Looking forward to seeing everyone again soon, thanks for all you do to keep it flowing!

Gary Bloom

It was more of my interest in the theme of a documentary preview than “We Are One” itself which brought me to join their event last October, and that was my first contact with WAO. In every moment of your life, you see, meet, and feel new things and that’s why first impressions are very important. After having good times at following Japanese and Chinese New Year’s parties (my 2nd and 3rd WAO experiences), I have to admit that I have fell in love with concepts, people, and most importantly, sense of international community that WAO has to 

Misako Ozawa

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  1. Thanks for all the members who spent time writing us comments. We appreciate it and will try to improve the events with our efforts. We wish to bring joy, excitements, and lots of friendship to all of us who attend the events.