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We Are One White Water Rafting + BBQ

What's a better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than to take on a water rafting challenge with friends followed with a BBQ out by the river surrounded by mountains? On May 30th, 22 We Are One International members including organizers went out of the concrete urban jungle and embrace the nature in Seta River of Shiga-ken.

In our wet suits we took three boats with one coach on each. Guided by their expertise and sense of humour we practice rescue techniques with laughter. It wasn't until when we've all fallen into the water a few time, were we both physically and mentally prepared for the bigger waves.

Paddling down the stream we confronted with two rapid waves. Our team morale was as high as our adrenaline level. We passed the test with the help of teamwork.

After the physical challenge we continue our day with a BBQ under the cloudless blue sky surrounded by water and pristine green mountains. The music goes on, and so does our laughter.

緑の山々に囲まれた自然あふれる川でのウォーターラフティング。初夏を迎えるのにこれ以上素晴らしいイベントはないでしょう。5月30日、主催者を含む22人のWe Are Oneメンバーが、都会と自然が重なり合う"コンクリートジャングル"、滋賀県の瀬田川でウォーターラフティングに挑戦しました!




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