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We Are One International Party @ Kyoto #22

Two weeks until the World Cup kicks off and a couple nights before the Japan vs Korea soccer match, the bartenders at HEAT have shown their vibrant support to their national soccer team. Dressed in the Blue Samurai uniforms they serve our We Are One party-goers in high spirit.

About 50 guests showed up at our 3rd party at HEAT, they mingle with one another in a cozy atmosphere with satisfying finger food. The diversity of the group has always been the essence of We Are One parties. Among them we can find artists, designers, teachers, photographers, business professions, etc. It is truly a platform for people to exchange ideas and to share passions with one another.

2週間後のワールドカップと2日後の日本対韓国の試合を目前に、HEATのバーテンダーたちが青いサッカーユニフォームを身にまとって、今夜もWe Are Oneのこの高まる精神をより一層盛り上げてくれました!


さあ、次回のパーティはSam & Daveで!!!

Hey there.


We Are One is having one more party before White Water Rafting!!
We Are Oneでは、ラフティングイベントの前にも、もうひとつパーティー開催しちゃいます!

Make friends at this party and join the rafting event!
Then it's gonna be more fun!

Here is the detail.

【We Are One Party #22】
When: 7pm-11pm, May 22nd
Entrance:2500yen with 2 drinks and light meal(500yen off with a coupon)
*This is just light meal. Please do not expect enough food.

日時:5月22 日 7pm-11pm
入場料: 2500円 2ドリンク、軽食付き (クーポンで500円off)

Want a coupon?
Send us a message to the address below with your full name.

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