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We Are One #31 Mid-Autumn Festival Party

-- Written by Sandra

There is a Chinese saying goes like this, “独在异乡为异客 每逢佳节倍思亲”, meaning that “strangers in a foreign land, their homesickness intensifies at times of special traditional festivals."

At the night of mid-autumn festival, when the moon is at its roundest and fullest of the year, Chinese people usually gather with family and friends to celebrate this magical evening under the moon, surrounded by lanterns, mooncakes, and Chinese tea. In order to introduce this special festival to our community and to put up a homey and festive party for Chinese people living in Japan who are far from their homes , We Are One presented “Mid-Autumn Festival on the Roof Top of Paris Bis”. About 75 guests attended the party. In the midst of Kyoto night view, Paris Bis’ roof top was glowed by the Chinese lanterns that were bought from Hong Kong, filled with the sweet smell of Hong Kong style mooncakes, and friendly guests who showed up to share this special evening with others.

Three organizers, Carrie, Tong and Sandra came from three different countries but share the same root as Chinese. They introduced the Chinese Mid-Autumn customs and shared the mooncakes from Hong Kong with the guests. It matters not what our backgrounds are, where we are from, what matters is that we are all connected at this moment by laughter and friendliness. We happened to have met one another in this world, that is surely a bliss for all of us.

The clouds had covered up the moon the whole night, at one moment a person from the crowd shouted, “Look! The moon!” Everyone looked at where her finger pointed, the moon in the sky at that moment was like a shy Chinese bride who finally lifted up her wedding veil to show her stunning beauty. It followed by a round of applauds from the guests.

Thanks everyone who showed up at our Mid-Autumn festival, We Are One is looking forward to seeing you all at our next event! Until then, live your life to the fullest.

Photo by Weikalossu

On the 15th of the eighth month in the Chinese lunar calendar, when the moon is at its fullest and roundest of the year, why don’t you come and celebrate the mid-autumn festival with everybody on the rooftop of Paris Bis?!
The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most famous Chinese festivals when families and friends gather together and enjoy the bright full moon.

Come join the We Are One family to experience a real festival celebration with Chinese lantern decoration and get a taste of the traditional moon cakes from Hong Kong! You can also purchase a lantern from WAO during the event (the number is limited).


From 19:30 to 23:00 on 22 September 2010
(Free Moon cake tasting served at 20:00, please be noticed that the number is limited)

Roof Top of Paris Bis http://ameblo.jp/parisbiskyoto/

2F Kawani Bldg. Nishi-iru
Nijo Kawaramachi
Nakagyo-ku Kyoto

1500 yen (1000 yen with coupon or pre-register on guest list)
1 coupon which you can exchange for 1 drink or 1 snack.
You can buy additional drinks from Paris Bis.

また中国の伝統的なランタンを、Paris Bisにて食べ物と飲み物tと一緒に購入することができますよ!

You're all invited! RSVP and get yourself on the guest list for the discounted price!
To pre-register, send your name and "
Mid-Autumn Party" to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com

Mid-Autumn Party"とご記入の上メールをお願いします!

We Are One #31 Mid-Autumn Festival Party will take place on the rooftop, overseeing Kyoto city and Higashiyama. The food counter serving drinks and Chinese style food will be right there on the rooftop. Chairs and tables are set out for your comfort.
Let's get together for some Chinese culture exposures, moon cakes, lanterns and the fullest moon of the year on the rooftop at this Mid-Autumn night.

We Are One #31 Mid-Autumn Festival Party

In case of rainy weather, we will throw a party inside the restaurant Paris Bis at level 2.

We Are One International is a group that connects international minded individuals in Kansai area through all kinds of events and activities. And we advocate smoke-free parties.

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  1. Nathalie Hénon-

    Tokuzumi Tsukimi, festival chinois: le miracle a eu lieu, le 22 septembre au soir, il n’a pas plu ! Et on a même pu entrapercevoir la lune de temps en temps. Heureusement car je n’imagine pas autant de personnes dans PARIS bis. C’était pour moi la première fois que je mangeais du geppei (moon cake) , gâteau aux graines de racine de lotus et oeuf de canard. Merci à tous de votre venue !!! The 22th of September, the Rooftop Moon Party with WAO & PARIS bis, a miracle, it didn’t rain ! I can not imagine so much people in the restaurant. It was the first time for me I ate a Chinese moon cake with lotus root seeds and duck egg . Thank you for your coming !!!