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We Are One International Party @ Kyoto #19

Hey guys!
I'm really happy that so many people (probably over 100people) came to the hanami event!!
Hope you guys had a tons of fun!

Alright, our next party is coming up on this coming Saturday.
This is gonna be our second time having a party at HEAT.

The same deal with last time.

When: April 10th
Where: shot & dining HEAT
Time: 7pm-11pm
Entrance: 2500yen w/ 2drinks and light meal (500yen off with a coupon)
*This is just LIGHT MEAL. Please do not expect enough food.

日時:4月10日 7pm-11pm
場所:shot & dining HEAT
入場料: 2500円 2ドリンクと軽食付き (クーポンで500円off)

Want a coupon?
Send here an email with your full name.


We Are One Hanami

Ok everyone.... All the hanami event details have been set and confirmed :-)


We have finally decided to do it on Sunday the 4TH OF APRIL! So make sure you keep this day open on your calendar... or if you've already got plans then you are going to need to make some room for this event lol!


It will be a picnic style event where people can get a chance can hang out and get to know eachother while being surrounded by the blossoming beauty of sakura! The event will be held in MARUYAMA PARK, just behind yasaka shrine.... Because of how popular this season is, and especially this spot, some of us will be going slightly early (eg the night before) to secure some primary locations... So if you would like to join in the fun that is overnight camping, then please feel free to join us.... The more the merrier.. And the more happy campers, the more space we can secure ;-) contact us!


During this time of year, the park, and the main tree is illuminated... Also in the surrounding areas, and at some of the near by temples (eg kodaiji and kiyomizudera) there will be lite up events being held! And I have heard that seeing sakura at night is perhaps the most beautiful of all the seasonal sightings! It is basically going to be one of the best places to be in Japan both during the day and the night :-)


Ok... Because this will be a FREE event we thought it would be a nice idea if everyone comes along with something that they can share... Whether it be some delicately made handmade snacks, some soft drinks, some strong drinks ;-) or some food from your home country, bringing a little something that you can offer around would be ideal :-)


Well that's about it... So to summarise!

Date: April 4th, 2010 / 2010年4月4日
Entrance: free / 無料
Location: Maruyama Park / 円山公園

Contact one of us (Kazuki, Nobu, Tong, James) when you get there, and we'll go pick you up. since the park is quite big I don't know if you can find us.
If you don't know any of us, send us a message on facebook, and we'll give you our phone# or something.


It can be canceled when it rains.

To bring list.
- yourself (lol.... You'll be suprised how some people forget this important item)
- a camera to capture a once in a year chance of experiencing this seasonal sensation!
- some interesting food and snacks to share with people around you
- some alcohol
- a little something to lay on the ground inorder to sit on
- some suntan lotion (because I know I'll forget)


Ok... I believe that is about all... but If you guys have any questions or any suggestions for the party then please send them our way! You can find us all on the facebook group 'We Are One', or just send us a quick email to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com)

質問があればいつでも受付ますんで、facebookのWe Are Oneのグループから我々を探して連絡してくださいね!もしくはwe.are.one.japan@gmail.comにメールください♪

Ok... Speak soon all.... And hopefully see you this coming weekend for our Party on the 27th!!! :-)


Much love,
The We Are One family!