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We Are One Autumn Photography & Cycling Tour in Kyoto

Text by Alex

Armed with a variety of cameras, old and new and of all shapes and sizes, a bicycle and a desire to capture the best of the seasons colours before winter casts her cold hand on the city, a group of 10 WaAreOne friends gathered for a leisurely jaunt around some of Kyoto's most beautiful spots last Sunday.

Having assembled at Kyoto station, we set out in high spirits, delighted by the clear skies and good light. Many of the attendees were also excited by the prospect of implementing some of the techniques they had learnt at the recent WeAreOne Photography Workshop, taught by WAO friend and professional photographer Tamago Gogogo and WAO pro photographer Lin, who joined us for the adventure.

We rode up along the Kamogawa, stopping to snap the autumn scenes of the river, a favourite place for many lovers of Kyoto. We then swung East, stopping off at Heian Jingu for a group snap, before parking up for a stroll around the beautiful Nanzenji. There were some great scenes recorded here by everyone, inspired by the shades of the Momiji and the joyful creativity in each other.

Following Nanzenji we sat by the river again and picnicked on bread from the bakery at Demachi (famous among locals for its delicious bread and violin-playing octogenerian) and 250 yen bento. We wrapped the day up with a last camera sesh at a very colourful Shimogamo Jinja, before heading back home for nabe to warm us up and replace any lost energy.

The legs may have been tired the following day but there were much longer lasting memories from a day of fun and friends in our favourite city. 

This year’s Summer in Kyoto lasted rather long pushing Autumn back by quite a bit. There 
are rumors that Autumn will not last for too long before the bitter cold Winter steps in. So, 
before shades of orange, yellow and red turn into naked branches all too fast, let’s all saddle 
up on our bikes, bring out our cameras to capture or to be captured through the lens in this 
special season of the year in 2010. 

Date: 5th Dec 2010 Sunday

Time: 12noon to 5pm

Meeting point: Kyoto Cycling Tour Project, Kyoto Station Cycling Terminal 

Cost: This is a free event

What to bring: your own bicycle or rent one (1500yen or 2000yen for a day, please check for 
availability with the bicycle rental shop in advance), camera, food for picnic and your smile


Get yourself ready with your bike and camera before 1200

We will move off at 1200.

We will follow the leader to go to various exotic locations in Kyoto

and take photos along the way. 

We will make stops for photo taking and resting.

We will arrive at some scenic place for our picnic. 

You can join us or leave us anytime you wish. 

Please volunteer yourself as the leader as we may need a few if there needs to be a few 
smaller groups. Leaders will lead the groups to various scenic places for the best photos. 

Don’t worry we will wait for everyone, but please catch up if you are behind. Make sure 
safety is not compromised and we shall enjoy the season and have fun. 




Christmas Lunch Party at La Table de Thierry

English by Sandra
Japanese by Chie Nakamura

 La Table de ThierryでのWAOのクリスマスランチパーティーは、とても和やかでアットホームな雰囲気の中、素敵なお食事を素敵な仲間と楽しむ素敵なパーティーになりました。

まずランチコースの前に、クリスマスについてのクイズ大会で盛り上がりました!今回のパーティーには、お子様も一緒に家族で参加して下さった方もいて、一人の男の子がクイズ大会で正解を連発し、見事チームを優勝に導くという予想外?の展開に!優勝記念にクリスマスキャロルも披露してくれました、「so cute!!」と誰もが目を細めて今日のラッキーボーイに拍手しました。





参加して下さった皆さん、La Tabel de Thierryの皆さん、今日は本当にありがとうございました。

今回参加できなかった方も、ぜひ一度La Table de Thierryでお食事をされてみてはいかがでしょうか。

 Christmas is a time to reconnect, to revitalize, and to rejoice!
At one of the world’s biggest festivities, how can we make Christmas in Japan merrier rather than just digging in Kentucky fried chicken and exchanging presents with our lover?
On December 23rd, We Are One International hosted a Christmas lunch at a French restaurant, La Table de Thierry, in Kyoto. We invited our members to celebrate this traditional festival altogether as a big family.

At 11:30am, attendants gradually arriving with their friends and family, each brought a present for the gift exchange. They were impressed by the stunning view of Kamogawa and Higashiyama from the 9th-floored restaurant and the sophisticated yet warm setting of the dinning space. More than 40 people filled 5 tables. Once everyone had arrived and seated, A Christmas quiz game started the lunch party, it energized the groups and surprisingly was dominated by a little boy! The two winner teams won prizes to share among them. Christmas spirit is high and alive!

After the quiz game, the restaurant started to serve lunch. The specialty of the restaurant, roast chicken, came after the appetizers. The strictly selected chickens are imported from France and roasted in a high-quality French-made machine. It was Iron Chief Thierry Houngues’s intention to bring authentic French tastes to Japan. The crisp, golden-brown chicken skin with juicy meat exceeded the expectations of both sophisticated diners and little children. The lunch set finished with a creamy chocolate mousse with caramel sauce.

Our organizer and professional magician Alex moved from table to table between dishes to perform magic to our guests. His jaw-dropping tricks had brought laughter and surprises to our members and earned himself respects and admirations. ^^

At the end, gift exchange participants each got an anonymous present from another person. Some got goodies like wine and chocolates; some got useful kitchen tools; one little boy delightfully got a huge can of caramel popcorns, which his dad generously shared it with other people around the room; ^^ another guest got a statue of liberty as her gift! The party was heart-warming and filled with joy of the holiday.

As for organizers, we also got two cakes baked by our dear members, we were so glad and shared them right after the party! Thanks to these two anonymous members who made the cakes! You made our day!

This Christmas party was our last event before 2010 comes to an end. We sincerely thank all of you who have participated and supported us along the way during this wonderful year. We Are One has grown so much because of your supports. We look forward to planning more events and seeing you in the year to come!

We Are One International is inviting you to join us at our Christmas Lunch Party at La Table de Thierry to celebrate this festive season.
Together with a specially prepared French menu by the Fuji TV's 1996 Iron Chef, Thierry Houngues, we will have magic show, mini games and gifts exchange during the party. We sincerely invite everyone will come and enjoy this wonderful afternoon at one of the best French Restaurants in Kyoto. Let's have an early Christmas celebration and get a mysterious Christmas present from someone in the party.

All international minded people of any nationality are welcomed.
Date: 23rd Dec 2010 (Public Holiday)
Time: 11:30~14:30
Venue: La Table de Thierry
京都市中京区三条通河原町東入中島町105 タカセビル9
Tel 075-212-0069
3 min walk from Keihan Sanjo Station Exit 7
5 min walk from Subway Shiyakusyo Station Exit 1

Cost: 2500yen (1500yen for child aged between 5~12)
(RSVP with advance payment before 17th December is required.)
Limited to first 30 registered participants.
Menu: Sparkling wine, red wine, white wine, Les 9 bouchées en hors d'oeuvrea (appetizers), Le poulet roti et garniture de saison (roast chicken), Mousse glacée au chocolat,sauce au caramel chaud (Chocolate mousse glance with Caramel sauce), coffee, tea and mignardises.

*Please come with a small gift for the gift exchange.
The gift should be about 1000yen in value and unisex.

For registration, please send us an email titled "Christmas Party" with your name number of participants to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com. You may also approach any one of our organizers if you are joining our other events.

We Are One Internationalはこれまで数々のイベントを主催する経験を踏まえて、今年のクリスマスには美味しい料理やゲームを楽しめるクリスマスパーティーを開催いたします!
鴨川の美景を背にしながら、クリスマスに一番合うスペシャルランチと共に、We Are One メンバーだけ味わえる時間を過ごしましょう!La Table de ThierryではNetworking Partyでお世話になり1996年フジテレビ料理の鉄人にも出演したシェフThierry Hounguesさんが用意した料理は前回大好評でした。料理のほかに、日本人や外国人の方でも参加できるゲームや、クリスマス定番のプレゼント交換タタイムを企画しますので、たくさんの方のお越しを楽しみにしております!今年のWe Are One Internationalの最後のイベントとして、クリスマスという記念すべきシーズンをともに楽しみましょう。

日時:20101223日 1130分1430分
場所: La Table de Thierry
京都市中京区三条通河原町東入中島町105 タカセビル9
Tel 075-212-0069
費用:2500 スペシャルセットランチ(お子様(5~12才):1500円)
予約はタイトルに「クリスマスパーティー参加」を明記し、名前を we.are.one.japan@gmail.comまでお送り下さい。
We Are One のイベントに参加する際にOrganizerに声をかけていただいても結構です。


Kansai International Students Party @ Sam & Dave Kyoto

Text by Alex
Last weekend close to three hundred students from over a dozen local universities, as well as some hard-working non-students, graced the floors of Kyoto's Sam&Dave's Nightclub to participate in Kansai's International Students Party.
 The event opened with a series of games to break the ice allowing everyone to become familiar with one another.
People enthusiastically exchanged names following which a quick game of bingo was played, with winners receiving prizes from the events organisers.
 All together an hour of fun and games ensued, followed by free time where people mingled with newly-made friends whilst drinking custom-made cocktails at the bar, or danced the night away on the dance floor upstairs.
The night was made a grand success thanks to all those who chose to participate.
We're looking forward to seeing all faces, old and new at the events we have planned for the New Year!
Kansai International Students Party!!
This is a big party for international students in Kansai, for students, by students at the famous Sam & Dave in Kyoto.
Since the new term has started a couple of months ago, do you feel that you have known more or less everyone in your school? Now step out and get to meet other international students as well as Japanese students from various universities in Kansai. Let’s start off the night with some games to get to know everyone and dance throughout the night together with all your new friends.
Date   2010/12/3(Fri.) 19:00- 5:00
place  SAM & DAVE Kyoto
               (京都市中京区木屋町通三条下ル 材木町179 FS木屋町ビル3,4F)
ticket  Presale Guy1500, Girl1000 (1 drink included)
               At Door Guy2000, Girl1500 (1 drink included)
To reserve a ticket please send us an email with your Name, University (and campus), Nationality, Email address and Number of tickets to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com.
Participating Universities
    Ritsumeikan University
    Doushisha University
    Doushisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts
    Kyoto Sangyo University
    Kyoto University
    Kyoto Women’s University
    Ryukoku University
    Kansai University
    Kyoto University of Foreign Studies
    Kobe City University of Foreign Studies
    Kyoto Seika University
    Kansai Gaidai University
    And many other participating universities
Tickets are only valid for entrance between 1900h and 2300h. Entrance after 2300h, even with tickets will require you to pay the door price. However, once you get a stamp from Sam & Dave at the first entrance, multiple exits and entrances are allowed.
Due the Sam & Dave’s rules, people under 20 years old will be refused entrance. Thank you for your kind understanding.
Please remember to bring along your student ID for age verification.
Kansai International Students Party!!



2010/12/3(Fri.)19:00- 5:00


SAM & DAVE Kyoto 
(京都市中京区木屋町通三条下ル 材木町179 FS木屋町ビル3,4F)



前売り Guy1500  


当日  Guy2000



 1900 OPEN 
 1930 Game Program START  



◆Hunting Beast!! 



 2200 Free Talk Time & DJ-time START!  
 500(AM) CLOSE 












【place】SAM&DAVE Kyoto
预付券 Guy 1500yen
Girl 1000yen
当日券 Guy 2000yen
Girl 1500
#听到世界 这个,就沸腾?
★ 必