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We Are One #57 International BBQ Party @ 京町屋 まくや Kyoto

Event report by Misako
Photos by Rene & Sadao

After raining cats and dogs in the morning, the blue sky and the glorious sun merrily peeped out of the clouds as if they received an invitation to an ever-exciting banquet from the earth as to be impatient to come out. By the time the sun was heading home, she sent a lot of her human friends on behalf of her so she could at least watch them enjoy their five senses; to International BBQ Party at Makuya this Sunday evening!

I was too lazy to count the number of people who attended the party, but I heard 70ish hungry folks showed up and made a long queue for the BBQ. That is a huge crowd, isn’t it? A big thanks to dedicated WAO organizers and volunteers, we dug in salad, red wine stake kabobs (yum yum!!), grilled eggplants, Hong Kong style baby Castella (secret weapon by Tong!), and banana dessert. We couldn’t have moistened our throats without our special bartender, Suthai too!

While we were mingling with new friends at the patio, we heard someone dressed in happi coat strolling and calling a kick-off of picture-story show (traditional Japanese art of storytelling with pictures). It was a story about how an evil-looking hero was trying to fight off the real evil, but we’ll have to wait to know its ending until next summer! I only found out later that the storyteller is a college girl, who is eager to preserve good old cultures that have been fading away in time. Keep up the good work, mate!

Hope no one caught a cold from the evening as it was quite a bit chilly outside, but I warn you summer is waiting his chance to surprise you soon. So, are you ready for summer yet?

Today’s diversity: Peru, Mexican, Chinese, Taiwanese, Indonesian, Korean, Thai, Australian, Swedish, British, Hong Kong, Singaporean, French, Japanese. (Hope I didn’t exclude anyone here!)

The weather is really getting warmer and we can finally keep our jackets and roam around in our short sleeves and shorts. And it is time to go outside for BBQ.

We Are One is organizing an International BBQ Party at MAKUYA, a traditional Machiya turned guesthouse in Kyoto (see our New Year Party 2011). Join us to enjoy the good weather, good food and meet some great internationally minded people. There might also be a special performance prepared for you.  

Date & Time:     22nd May 2011 Sunday, 1800~2200
Venue:                   町屋「まくや」
                                〒602-8352 京都府京都市上京区下立売通千本西入ル稲葉町442-5
Cost:     2500yen with RSVP, 3000yen for the rest 
      (Including BBQ set menu, 2 drinks, snacks and tea)

RSVP by 19th May with your name & nationality to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com

BBQ Menu


Red Wine Steak Kabobs

Grilled Eggplant on the BBQ Recipe

Hotdog Bun

BBQ Banana Dessert

Hong Kong style Baby Castera

Other drinks and snacks

Access:                   You can take a bus from the following stations:
                   ·   JR Sagano Line Nijo Station
                   ·   Subway Marutamachi Station
                   ·   Hankyu Omiya Station

Take a bus that stops at 千本出水 alight at 千本出水and it will take another 2 min by foot.

You may gather at Nijo Station ticketing area at 1730 and one of our staffs will lead you to the venue. We will leave at 1730, so please be on time. Please indicate in the RSVP if you would like to meet up at Nijo Station. 

MAKUYA is a guesthouse transformed from a traditional Japanese house. It was reconstructed and it started operation since January 2011. It is a good chance to experience the traditional architecture of a Japanese residence of Kyoto.

International BBQ Party @ 京町屋 まくや Kyoto


今回We Are Oneが企画するのは、日本の伝統的家屋で有名な町屋'まくや'でBBQイベントを開催します。ぽかぽかと暖かい気候の中、色々な人とBBQを囲みながら楽しい時間を過ごしましょう!!スペシャルパフォーマーもご用意します。是非ご参加ください!!


日時:   5月22日 日曜日 1800〜2200
場所:   町屋「まくや」
   〒602-8352 京都府京都市上京区下立売通千本西入ル稲葉町442-5
参加費:    予約された方2500円、その他3000円

■ JR嵯峨野線(さがのせん二条駅からお越しの場合
 → 二条駅から当館間近までバスが出ています。
 → 京都市バス 千本出水 下車 2
■ 京都市営地下鉄 丸太町駅からお越しの場合
 → 丸太町駅前から当館間近までバスが出ています。
 → 京都市バス 千本出水 下車 2
■ 阪急電鉄 大宮駅からお越しの場合
 → 大宮駅前から当館間近までバスが出ています。
 → 京都市バス 千本出水 下車 2




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