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We Are One International #32 Networking Party for Professionals

Friday the 01st of October saw a multitude of professionals, post grads, free lancers and business owners congregate in the old capital, Kyoto.  A meeting of minds in the city that dims its lights so the stars shine through.  La Table De Thierry was the perfect host for the networking party.  A stylish, chic setting on the 9th floor of the Takase building in Sanjo.   Wrapped in glass walls it gave a view seldom seen in city.  An endless ocean of twinkling lights flowed from the streets and shops below to the heavens above.  But this was just the backdrop as the real draw was in the stars inside the restaurant and the connections being made.

Night view from La Table de Theirry

Over 40 participants traveled from Kobe, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya and even as far afield as Tokyo.  Farmers, researchers, editors, recruiters, jewellers, students, teachers, botanists, ecologists and film makers all made the journey to the We Are One International event who's reputation for professionalism, a friendly atmosphere and quality is clearly spreading.  

The night started in style with the Classy French restaurant offering wines and beers to wet the pallete and get the tongue wagging followed by choice salmon wrapped in fine Parisian bread.  For those looking for a little more, the sublime food menu was offered at an incredible half price on some of the dishes with no lesser quality.

Nathalie (left) owner of Paris Bis French Restaurant, Thierry (right) chef & owner of La Table de Theirry

Thierry himself, the restaurant's enigmatic owner and Fuji TV's 1996 Iron Chef, gave a speach on his experience of working and living and making it in Japan over the last 20 years.  His bubbly personality and amiable demeanour brought laughs and smiles from the crowd, though I couldn't help but notice, simmering underneath the giant's air of relaxed charm, lay a seriousness and professionalism that has driven him to the upper echelons of dinning in a city where once the Chrysanthemum Throne feasted.  As his ten minute speach finished, Thierry bobbled backed to the kitchen mumbling that 10 minutes was too long though we all felt he could have spoken for an hour and still kept us enraptured. 

Lin (left) Photographer/ Designer, Mathew (right) staff od La Table de Thierry

But then it was down to the rest of us to do the talking and people mingled and business cards were passed out, numbers were taken and connections were made.  Much laughing and chat ensued in a night that had an air of a friendly get together rather than a stuffy networking party.  An atmosphere conducive to new relationships being made.  As a night drew to a close, people took one last glance at the skyline, now burning brighter than before, then took the elevator back down to the ground floor.

Words by Trevor Fradgley

Rewi, Managing Director iWillpartners

Yumi, Recruiter, iWillpartners

John Archer (left) Landscape Designer, Carrie Chan (right) Marketing Officer of We Are One

Sachiyo Konishi Hairdresser/ Beautician 

Chris Lozada (right) of wattsuappu.com

Tong (left) Program Director, Sadao (right) Designer

Come and join our Professional Networking Party if you are looking for the next career opportunity, an international or Japanese business partner, or simply want to make new friends of different professions. Here, you can exchange business ideas, share your experiences and find out what interesting jobs others may have. Don’t forget to come with your business cards and join in for a relaxing, yet meaningful evening. 

All working professionals, free lancers, business owners and post graduates are welcomed.
Date: 1st Oct 2010
Time: 1930~2300
Venue: La Table de Thierry

京都市中京区三条通河原町東入中島町105 タカセビル9
Tel 075-212-0069
3 min walk from Keihan Sanjo Station Exit 7
5 min walk from Subway Shiyakusyo Station Exit 1

Guest Speaker: to be announced

Cost: 2000yen with 1drink & 1 finger food
(1500yen for those RSVP to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com)
* Special French dinner set from 1000yen~2000yen will be served only for We Are One Networking events.

About the Chef

RSVP by sending us a mail titles Networking Party with your name, nationality, occupations, businesses, business websites, personal websites, blogs, interests, and what kind of network you are looking for to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com

We Are One



日時:2010101日 1930時~2300
場所: La Table de Thierry
京都市中京区三条通河原町東入中島町105 タカセビル9
Tel 075-212-0069

費用:2000 1ドリンク& 1 軽食付き
特別フランス料理セットディナーが、1000~2000円でWe Are One Networking eventのために用意していただいております


Networking Partyに参加される際は、タイトルに'Networking Party'とお名前をご記入ください。そして本文には、国籍、職業ビジネス、ビジネスのウェブサイト、個人的なウェブサイト、ブログ、興味あるもの、そしてどんなネットワークを求めてらっしゃるか、を記入の上こちらのアドレスまでご連絡ください。

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