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Travelers' Lunch (Spanish) @ Cafe Frosch

Gazpacho Recipe by Maya

Gazpacho for 4 people:

- 1kg of mature tomatoes
- 3 slices of old bread
- 1 clove of garlic
- salt
- 2/3 spoons of olive oil

Put the old bread in some water. Wash the tomatoes and dice them. Put the tomatoes with the sliced garlic and the bread (drain the water of the bread first) in the mixer and add some salt (one spoon) and the olive oil. Mix until you get the desired texture (thicker or liquid, depends if you want to drink it or have it as a soup) and try. Add some more salt or olive oil; add more bread to make it thicker, or water to make it lighter.

You can also add cucumber or a red pepper to make the red colour stronger.

Perfect as a summer drink, and delicious as a soup if you add some croutons, boiled eggs, and tuna. 

As an extension to our Travelers’ Night, We Are One is collaborating with Café Frosch to introduce Travelers’ Lunch where not only you can listen to the local presenter telling stories about their beautiful country but you can also satisfy your taste buds with their exotic local delicacies.

Following the Mexican lunch we had last month, we will be bringing everyone to Spain with Maya. Maya comes from Malaga in Spain, a costal area where she will show us something different about Spain compare to the usual destinations such as Madrid or Barcelona. Maya will be sharing with us some secret information for adventurous travelers like you. We will also have a chance to try out her authentic Spanish cooking. So RSVP by 8th June and join us.

Traveller’s Lunch – Spain - -NEW-
- WeAreOne Japan x Café Frosch's 4th collab! - 
Date & Time: 11th June 2011 Saturday, 1300~1500
Venue: Café Frosch, Kyoto
557-7 Higashiyanagi-cho,
Itsutsuji-dori, Shichihonmatsu agaru,
Kamigyo-ku, Nishijin-Kyoto
Cost: 2500yen (includes set Mexican Global Lunch)
Reservation required by 8th June
RSVP with your name & nationality to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com

Albondigas en salsa de almendras
(Meatballs with almond sauce)
- OR -
Coca mallorquina
(Spanish Pizza with home-made tomato sauce with tuna and sardines)

- Huevos rellenos
(Tuna and tomato filled eggs)
- Gazpacho
(Cold tomato soup)

(Rice Pudding):

We Are One は「トラベラーズナイト」の延長として「カフェフロッシュ」

と協賛し「トラベラーズランチ」を開催します。 このイベントではプレゼンテーターの出身国である美しい国の話を聞けるだけでなく、その地域のエキゾチックなご馳走があなたの味覚を満たしてくれることでしょう。


■ トラベラーズランチ - スペン- NEW-
- We Are One International x Café Froschコラボ第4弾!-
Cafe Frosch が誇るグローバルランチを楽しみながら、グローバルキッチンスタッフにご当地のシークレット旅行情報を聞いてみませんか?

日時: 201111日 1:00 PM ~3:00 PM
場所: カフェ フロッシュ 京都

参加費: 2,500円(スペンランチセットを含む) 完全予約制、締め切りは6月8日


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