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We Are One Team

It is the passion, sincerity and ties between our team staffs that make the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

Tong Cheuk Fung (Program Director)

Home town: Singapore

Hi, I'm Tong. I had just started my new life in Kyoto in the Autumn of 2009 and I am really happy to be part of We Are One, meeting amazing people from around the world in this unique Japanese city. I am a Chemical Engineer by training, and I love cycling and outdoor. I like languages as I speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese and some French but Jack of all trades but master of none.

Sandra Fang (Photographer, English editor)
Hometown: Vancouver, Canada

I believe in the power of human connections and that emotions are contagious. And thus we, as a part of this social network should all let love, happiness, and kindness be the ripples and reach out to others.
I also believe in the magic of arts. Through photos and words I share my views of life with all of you. Namaste.

Manami Kimura 木村 真奈美 (Organizer, Jap
anese Editor)
Hometown: Shiga, Japan

*きっとい つか自分の目指す場所へたどり着ける*
旅 行/ダンス/ミュージカル/デザイン/文章を書く/運動/アウトドア/映画/etc,,,何でもします何でも好きです。いつもやりたいことが多すぎて収集がつかない毎 日。でも、そ
今回We Are Oneのスタッフになりました!みんなが一つになり、それぞれの居場所になる、We Are Oneがそん な場所になっていくよう頑張っていきますので、どうぞよろしくお願いします。

Carrie Chan (Marketing Officer, organizer)
Hometown: Hong Kong
Since I first joined We Are One International Party in 2009, I can see the parties have really been impro
ving from time to time. I believe that We Are One will keep providing an enjoyable social network by organizing various kinds of international parties and events for all of our members!!

I love to travel, though most of my traveling time has spent within Japan in the previous years. And my Japanese friends used to say that I know different parts of Japan more than they do! But in fact, I really want to know more about the world, so I plan to travel out of Asia from now on. I can speak Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, and English, so please feel free to chat with me in any of those languages^^
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I hope that everyone will enjoy their lives in Kyoto and let's create an international network together!!

Sadao Tashiro 田代貞雄 (Designer)
Hometown : Fukouka Japan
生まれて専門学校を卒業するまで福岡で育ち、卒業後デンマークのフォルケホイスコーレ(国民高等学校)で約二年間過ごす。海外生活の中で、日本の事を全く知らない自分に気付き、ただ漠然と京都に住もうと決意する。そして、2010年の春京都に移り住み、デンマークで経験した国際交流が京都でもできるのではないかと、We Are Oneのイベントに参加、数回のイベントの参加を経てデザイナーとしてメンバー入りをする。

写真、アート、プロダクト、ファニチャー、すべてのデザインが好きです。感動や衝撃を受ける物には背筋がゾワゾワしてアドレナリンが大量に出たりします。出会いも一緒で、今までいろんな人に助けられ、刺激を受け、ともに成長できる仲間をこれからもどんどん作って行きたい。We Are Oneはそんな私の願いをかなえるのにぴったりな場所です。これからも他のメンバーと一緒に、すてきな出会いを求めていきたいと思います。

林 Weikalossu.Lin (カメラマン)


We Are Oneに参加して凄くうきうきして、知らぬ人の出会いが楽しいんだ。ここは旅人が夢を織るところ。同じ国、同じ顔ではなくても、同じ言葉で話せる。ここに一緒に喜びや一緒に悲しみ。いつか新しい旅を展開する時、新たな物語も始まり。それこそ素敵ではないんか。

Alex Mackain-Bremner (Magician)

I first came into contact with magic at the age of 8 when I was shown some magic by my uncle. At that time I was still unsure if what I was seeing was real magic or if it was me imagining it to be so, but I loved the sensation it left in me and I've been fascinated ever since. I was given a magic set for Christmas and began doing shows for family and friends. I studied magic books and videos of other magicians and practised obsessively as a teenager, attending a magic school for young magicians in NY during the summer holidays where I had the opportunity to learn and perform in front of some of the worlds best magicians. I love magic for its capacity of as an artform to transcend barriers and to captivate people's imagination.


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