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Do Our Part for Earthquake victims, Japa-Dog BBQ Party @ Cafe-Frosch, Kyoto (#46)

There will be a donation drive for the earthquake victims at the event. All donations will go to The Red Cross Japan. Let's do our part to help those in need and show the We Are One spirit.

Hi there!
One of the most thoroughly enjoyable food experiences to be found in Vancouver, Canada is the Japa-dog! This uniquely styled hotdog is very popular among Vancouverites.


As spring approaches and the weather gets warmer, We Are One will host a BBQ party at kyomachiya Café Frosch to introduce this Japanese-flavored delicacy which is well-known on the other side of the world. Come take it easy and share the fun with old and new friends while we offer you all-you-can-eat Japa-dogs! Families are welcome as there is a kids’ area inside the café. Like the Japa-dog vendors in Vancouver put it, “we want to make the world happy and alive through hotdogs!”

春が近づいて、天気も暖かくなってきました。今度We Are OneはCafé FroschでBBQパーテリーを開催し、このカナダでブームとなった和風フードを皆さんに紹介します。仲良しや新しい友達と一緒にジャパドッグを食べながら、楽しい時間を過ごしましょう。Café Froschでは子供達が遊べるキッズスペースもありますので、家族みんなでパーテイーを参加しましょう。ジャパドーグのミーションの「ホットドッグで楽しく活気な世界を作ります!」のように、今回も楽しく活気なWe Are Oneパーテイーを作りましょう。

Date & Time: 20th March 2011 (Sunday, next day is public holiday), 
                       1800 ~ 2200
Venue:         Cafe-Frosch http://www.cafe-frosch.com/   
                     557-7 Higashiyanagi-cho,
                     Itsutsuji-dori, Shichihonmatsu agaru,
                     Kamigyo-ku, Nishijin-Kyoto

Cost:            2500 yen (for RSVP), (1500 yen for children 12 and below, free for children 5 and          below) 3000 yen for others
                     All-you-can eat Japa-Dog & drinks

RSVP: email participants names to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com by 18th March 2011 Friday.

Deaf Japan will be joining us in this event and there will be interpreters to assist communication. Deaf members and people interested in sign languages are welcome to join us and interact in an extraordinary language. 

日時:  2011年3月20日(日)(翌日は春分の日)
場所:  Café Frosch  カフェ・フロッシュ
                   西陣, KYOTO

2 minute walk from Kamishichiken bus stop
12 minute walk from Randen Keifuku Kitano-Hakubaicho station
7 minute walk from Senbon-Imadegawa bus stop

費用:  2500円(予約された方)子供1500円(12歳以下、5歳以下無料)、その他3000円


More About Japa-Dog

About Cafe Frosch

Café Frosch is a family-oriented venue that welcomes anyone
who shares an interest in culture and the arts

We are located in front of a park in the traditional Nishijin area of Northwest Kyoto. We offer a place to relax and enjoy both international and Japanese foods in a relaxed Machiya style atmosphere. Occasionally, we also host small concerts and art exhibitions. 

カフェ・フロッシュ は


Café Froschはあります。

We are located just 3-minutes-walk from Kitano-tenmangu shrine (Tenjin-san)


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