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Kansai International Students Party (KISP): Calling for Talents + Volunteers

Event:       Kansai International Students Party
Date & Time:  28th April 2011 (a day before golden week) 1800~2300
Venue:      Kansai French-Japanese Institute 関西日仏学館 (Opposite Kyoto University)
         〒606-8301 京都市左京区吉田泉殿町8
Ticket:                   1500 yen
RSVP to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com to reserve your tickets now to skip the queue. 

Kansai International Students Party (KISP) is the biggest student party in Kansai where more than 20 universities in the Kansai area will be participating!
Last year, we had more than 250 students from Kyoto, Osaka, and Kobe joining us. By popular demand, KISP is here again this Spring on April 28th 2011 (the day before golden week). We aim to launch one that's even bigger and cooler than the previous party! This is an event made for students, organized by students, and feature student bands, dancers, comedians and magicians performing throughout the evening at Kansai French Institute.
Join us with your friends to enjoy the multicultural student atmosphere and meet students from all over Kansai for an evening of music, dance and live performances!
KISP 2010

関西学生国際交流パーティー(KISP)は、 関西にある20以上の大学からの学生が参加する、関西の中で最も大きい学生イベントです。昨年12月は、京都、大阪、神戸などから250人以上の学生がSam& Dave Kyotoに集まりました。来る2011428日、前回好評だったKISPがまた帰ってきます!学生が学生のためにつくるこのイベントに、今回は学生によるバンドやダンス、コメディアンやマジシャンなどを起用します!このイベントの舞台に立ちたいという学生のみなさん、是非ともご応募ください!!みなさまからのご応募お待ちしております!!

KISP 2010

Now we are recruiting student volunteer for the following roles, both Japanese and international students are welcome.
  1. Program planner
    1. Plan and organize the program for KISP.
  2. Marketing and sales
    1. Marketing and publicity for KISP
    2. Ticket sales
  3. Performance manager
    1. Source for performers for the event
    2. Manage and support the performers during the event
KISP 2010

                 a.  KISPのイベントプログラム企画
       a.     KISPのマーケティングと宣伝
       b.      チケットセールス

KISP 2010

If you are interested to be a volunteer, please send a self introduction and what you wish to volunteer as to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com.


KISP 2010

If you are a band member, a musician, a dancer, a comedian, a magician etc and you would like to show your talents, meet other talents from universities around Kansai, we invite you to perform for us at KISP. Both Japanese and international students are welcome. Please send an introduction of yourself or your group, together with any relevant blogs, websites, photos and videos to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com. Let’s rock the evening at KISP 2011.


We Are One Japan is a voluntary, event-organizing group that connects internationally-minded individuals in the Kansai area through a wide range of smoke-free events and activities.

We Are One Japanは関西エリアの国際的なマインドを持つ人々を、様々な活動を通してつなげることを目的として活動するボランティアグループです。

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