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We Are One #26 International Networking Party for Professionals

Together We Can!
English-- Sandra
Japanese-- Manami

Whether you are a business person, a young entrepreneur, a photographer, an artist, or a health care provider, at our Professional Networking Party held at Bar Crane on July 24th, you could easily fit into a circle which you belong to. You also had the chance to mingle with professionals from the other end of the career spectrum, to share stories with people from all walks of life.

We Are One team was again more than grateful to see the diversity in professionals and cultural backgrounds of our guests. We sincerely hope that all of our guests not only had a great time at the party, but also had built up the network and found their inspirations. Together we can help one another to achieve our career goals!

Thanks everyone who showed up at the party, it may sound redundant, but if you have any feedback about our events, please do not hesitate to let us know by email!

Hope to see you again soon!

たとえあなたがサラリーマン、写真家やアーティスト、起業家であっても、Networking Partyでは職種を気にすることなく、お互いの人生経験や面白いストーリーなど、たくさんシェアすることができる場です。

We Are Oneは、よりプロフェッショナルな人々を集め、普段のパーティーとはまた少し違った社会人が集まるパーティーを開催したと考えており、今回第1回目が実現することになりました!Networking Partyの参加者全員が、自分の目指すゴールや目標に前進できるよう、この場でプロフェッショナルな人々と触れ合うことにより、刺激を与え合い一緒に成長していけることを願っています。

今回第1回目のNetworking Partyにお越し下さりありがとうございました。いかがでしたか?また第2回目を企画いたします。そのときはまた是非足をお運びください!

Come and join our Professional Networking Party if you are looking for the next career opportunity, an international or Japanese business partner, or simply want to make new friends of different professions. Here, you can exchange business ideas, share your experiences and find out what interesting jobs others may have. Don’t forget to come with your business cards and join in for a relaxing, yet meaningful evening.

All working professionals, free lancers, business owners and post graduates are welcomed.
Date: 24st July 2010
Time: 1900~2300
Venue: Bar Crane
〒604-8017 京都府京都市中京区材木町182木屋町カワセビル2F
Cost: 2500yen with 2 drinks (2000yen for those with a coupon)

Receive a coupon by sending us a mail titles Networking Party with your name to we.are.one.japan@gmail.com
Please call 080-3825-1950 for direction

We Are One 国際交流社会人交流会


日時:2010年7月24日 19時~23時
場所:Bar CRANE / http://www.strain-project.com/?page_id=51
〒604-8017 京都府京都市中京区材木町182木屋町カワセビル2F

タイトルにNetworking Partyと入れてフルネームと共に

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